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Hi fastmoneyshare members.


Second Ref Contest $500


This is going to blow you away; we have launched a new second Referral contest: March 16 to April 15, 2017 


Let's start to promote the Fastmoneyshare to take it to the next level. This will increase new members to Fastmoneyshare, which will result in more funds into the system and more earnings for all.

Remember Fastmoneyshare Offers Unique Advertising, earn up to 11% daily and also 14% commission Let the world know now, promote, Advertise and Post.


These are the conditions for the Referral Contest:

1. Only Paid Referrals will be counted.
2. Referrals (new Members) must Surf a Minimum of 10 Ads.
3. We verify all new Members joining Fastmoneyshare, so please do not waste your time trying to cheat the system or scam it.

The Prizes are as Follows:
First Prize: $200
Second Prize: $130
Third Prize: $70
Fourth Prize: $40
Fifth Prize: $30
Sixth Prize: $15
Seventh Prize: $10
Eighth Prize: $5

For more information on Our Referral Contest, please login to your account and click the link below:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance on the fastmoneyshare website, we will be happy to help.

Good luck in the contest, $500 worth of prizes, let's get out there and promote Fastmoneyshare it's your program so let keep it alive.


Thanks for your continued support and patience
Admin Team



First Ref Contest $400 Launched : This Contest Expired, Congratulations winners and Great Work 


Conditions of contest for all :


* Only paid referrals are counted.  

*Do not accept any spam register such as : Paid to Sign Up sites , Spam Visitors , Pay to Register , etc....


First      Prize    :   $200  

Second  Prize    :   $100 

Third     Prize    :   $50

Fourth   Prize    :   $30

Fifth      Prize    :   $20


To know more about this contest Login to your account and click here


Best wishes by success to all.

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nkaware $348.41
haksu $332.11
Nasserelbrens $312.59
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